Project Skill: Fashion

Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat Photography “In almost 70 years of photography, I had the time to photograph many different subjects, with at least a dozen different techniques. But that’s almost beside the point. The point is that I had the time to play many different games. The hardest, as in the case of the present website, is to make this clear to the people who look at my work.” – Frank Horvat Links Official Portfolio – HORVATLAND Facebook – Frank Horvat Horvatland iPad App Helmut Newton Foundation House with Fifteen Keys Ode to Frank Horvat By Alicia Stirling-Julian Frank Horvat photographed...

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Szymon Brodziak

Szymon Brodziak Photography SZYMON BRODZIAK BORN 1979 IN POLAND. SPECIALIZES IN UNCONVENTIONAL BLACK AND WHITE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS WITH PERSONAL APPROACH. THE YOUNGEST PHOTOGRAPHER TO BE EXHIBITED AT THE HELMUT NEWTON FOUNDATION. “What you see, is who you are” “..fulfillment of dreams…” After quitting family business, Szymon worked in various advertising agencies, assisting in fashion and advertising shootings, which today are his main fields of professional activity. His photographs have been published in various fashion and lifestyle magazines, including international editions of Playboy and Italian Vogue (Gioiello). Follow Szymon Brodziak Instagram Vimeo – backstage films Facebook Brodziak Gallery “3 Gold...

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Alex Rosenkreuz

Alex Rosenkreuz Photography Alex Rosenkreuz (‘rosen-cruz’) is an LA based fashion photographer with a background in filmmaking and journalism. He moved to the U.S. at the age of 7, after spending his early childhood in Bulgaria and Germany. “I find certain imperfections and a more accurate representation of what the model looks like – much more sexy” EN: Which place do you consider home? AR: Interesting question. Although I’ve had the opportunity to live both in Europe and the US, no place ever felt like home until I landed in LA. Took me 22 years to find it but...

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